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Verotel Payment Gateway Plugin

For Joomla & Payplans

Any business requiring a way to integrate payments via Verotel to Joomla, we can offer you our payment plugin. Designed specifically for use in combination with Payplans component, our plugin will work with Verotel Flexpay System and Payplans, to will handle all your sales and subscriptions through Joomla ACL.

The payment plugin will integrate into Payplans allowing you to process sales and subscriptions through your Verotel Account using the flexpay system. All automated into the Joomla ACL, granting users access to your website and removing expired accounts automatically. A perfect solution for anybody who processes payments through Verotel and loves Joomla as their CMS of choice.

"Works as stated, I can have a subscription website and use Joomla as my backend, perfect!"

Charlie Fraley

Verotel Payment Plugin for Joomla

How to bill with Verotel using Joomla ACL

In order to bill with Verotel and run subscriptions or sales on Joomla, you need the following setup on your website.

Your Joomla Website

You will need a Joomla-based website, our plugin is compatible with Joomla 3, and Joomla 4. Joomla is a strong CMS and popular for publishing websites.


Payplans Component

You will need to have Payplans installed on your Joomla backend. This is used to handle your subscribers, sales and user addition and removal on Joomla ACL.


Verotel Payment Plugin

Our payment plugin works as the gateway to communicate between Payplans and Verotel, it will process all your billing on your website to manage sales and subsriptions.


Verotel Account

You need to have an active Verotel account to process payments. We provide the instructions on setup of our payment pluging to work with Verotel Payment System.


Simple, flexible pricing.
+ 6 months free updates

Purchase our billing payment plugin and get 6 months free updates with your purchase.

Verotel Flexpay Plugin


With for 6 Months Updates

  • Accept Verotel Payments in Joomla
  • Bill Sales and Subscriptions
    Billing plugin for Joomla ACL
  • 6 Month updates access
    Download any updates for 6 month
  • Access to Documentation

Professional Installation + Verotel Flexpay Plugin


Per install & Setup

  • Professional installation service
  • Install of plugin in Joomla
    We will install it in your joomla install
  • Setup and configure plugin
    We will configure settings
  • Perform testing and transaction sale

Verotel and Verotel Flexpay are a registered trademark of Verotel.com

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